Our 12-week Challenge kicks off on Monday, 7 September 2020!

The program will consist of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Hypertrophy (muscle building) Training workouts!


The 12 week challenge will be divided in to 2x 6-week phases.

Phase 1: 7 September - 16 October 2020

**Phase 1 will have 2 HIIT sessions & 2 Hype sessions per week (thus 24 workouts).

Phase 2: 19 October - 27 November 2020

**Phase 2 will be the same, but with an additional/optional 3rd Hype session (thus 30 workouts).


The program will be offered on our app! Get excited!

Pre-Sale will be running from 7 July to 7 August!

Pre-Sale: HiiT HYPE: Phase 1 (6-week Challenge)

R700,00 Regular Price
R630,00Sale Price

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