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HIIT me with your best shot

Updated: May 30

Ever heard of the word HIIT? Or even the new trending word-HILIT? If not, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In today’s blog we will be talking all about HIIT and it’s sister HILIT! What it is? Why it’s good for you? What the HYPE is all about? And why you should be adding it to your workout program?!

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. HIGH INTENSITY simply implies that the workout period is quick and fast, for that specific workout period you will be pushed to YOUR maximum level. Emphasizing the word - YOUR - As all of us differ in fitness levels. You will compete against yourself, pushing yourself to a limit you are comfortable with! High intensity simply means as many reps - the amount of times you have to do the specific exercise or movement - as possible or as fast as you can, given the certain time you are allocated to do the exercise or movement. INTERVAL training involves a series of high intensity workouts followed by short periods of rest. The workout period will usually be longer that your rest period. Now, What would an actual HIIT workout look like? It can be a mixture of body weight, explosive movements…expect exercise like burpees!!! WAIT! WHAT! Yes, I know, just mentioning the word burpees and people start running! Let’s quickly run off the topic for a bit… Why are burpees good for you??? • They’ll get you fitter than pretty much any other exercise can

•They’ll rev up your metabolism and will help you scorch fat. Research shows that high intensity exercises like burpees burn up to 50% more fat than moderate exercising. •They are calorie torching. Not only do they rev up your metabolism- you’ll be burning calories ALL DAY long.  •Great for strength building  •It’s an intense full body exercise. You’ll be working arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs •They are also great for developing endurance. They sure get your heart rate up fast!

Now that I’ve given you the benefits of burpees. Next time you hear the word…I hope you’re jumping for joy - burpee style!! Let’s get back on track. The last thing I mentioned was what a simple HIIT workout would look like. As I’ve mentioned it will contain explosive body weight movements. Think burpees, squat jumps... name it, you’ll find those movements in your workout. HIIT workouts not only consist of body weight drills but you can expect strength endurance exercises as well, by adding weights to your movements. It is fast paced...so prepare to SWEAT IT OUT! What are the benefits of adding HIIT to your workouts. > Steve Uria, certified trainer and founder of the HIIT based fitness studio Switch Playground states that one amazing benefit is that this type of exercise will definitely help boost your metabolic rate - YOU WILL LOSE BODY FAT, AS WELL AS PUT ON LEAN MUSCLE- Definitely a combo that will help you burn calories ALL day long.  >Intervals can boost cardio-respiratory health. Improved VO2 max - a measure of endurance that calculates the maximum volume of oxygen the body can use. “Scientists have found that VO2 max is one of the best predictors of overall health,” according to the recent interval training book THE ONE MINUTE WORKOUT- Co-authored by Martin Gibala Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of doing HIIT workouts: •Burn more calories in a short amount of time •Higher metabolic rate, even hours after exercising - AFTERBURN •Burn fat •Build lean muscle  •Improve oxygen consumption 

•Reduce your heart rate and blood pressure Now most of us don’t have a lot of time on our hands and usually the first thing we give a skip…is probably going to the gym, am I right? The great thing about HIIT workouts are, that you can get a complete workout in 20 - 30 minutes. Yep, you heard right! You will get maximal health benefits in minimal time. It’s definitely one of the most time efficient ways to exercise. We’ve basically covered as much as we can on the topic HIIT. Now let’s get talking about the new trend…HILIT and should you be jumping on the bandwagon? HILIT is no different than HIIT except it contains a lot more low impact exercises that won’t be too strenuous on your joints. The impact is a lot less especially for those with injuries or joint issues. Whether you choose HIIT or HILIT as a workout, you will be guaranteed results and you will definitely be working up a sweat. Do not get me wrong. This is still a workout that WILL challenge and push you! HILIT stands for high-intensity low impact training. It delivers all the benefits of a HIIT workout without the impact of HIIT. According to Stephanie Lincoln, the founder of FIRE TEAM WHISKEY MILITARY Fitness Protocol states: ‘’HILIT is just a specific approach to HIIT that reduces the amount of impact on the joints during the workout” As most HIIT workouts contain explosive jumping movements and plyometric exercises that can be dangerous for those with back pain, joint pain or bone fusion. Although this concept may not seem new to some of you as most HIIT workouts do have beginner, low impact options, it’s good to put a name to it. This will be great if you are new to exercise. If you want to start on your fitness journey this is definitely the place to start. Again this is the most time- and energy efficient way to work out. You only need 20-30 minutes to reach the same benefits as you would get doing a long, steady-state workout. Giving our busy lifestyles this can easily be fitted into your daily routine. Modern life is time-crunching and we are pressured to find the most effective ways to use every minute we have!! HIIT/ HILIT promises to give you the BEST workout in the least amount of time!


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