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Could you be overtraining?

Updated: May 30

Are you training for hours and hours a day?

Still not seeing results?

Could you be OVER-TRAINING?

You spend 2-3 hours in the gym every day, 7 days a week! Why are you not seeing results?!

Over-Training is when you train/ exercise more than what your body can handle or recover from.

When you are training/exercising - let’s say for example - you do any type of weight or resistance training or just about any intense workout, your muscle fibers tear.

Now what does that mean.

Let’s take a look at what happens to our bodies when we train. After an intense workout! Do you sometimes feel a little swollen or even sore/stiff?

Your muscles swell and looks larger immediately to a few hours and even days after an intense weight based workout! Why? More blood is transported to your muscles to help you lift those weights or run that mile.

When you exercise you put stress on your muscle fibers, which causes your muscle fibers to make micro tears. Your body responds to these tears and cause temporary water retention “water weight”. Your body tries to heal these micro-tears by retaining fluid to heal them. It’s your bodies natural response to building and maintaining lean muscle!

You will build lean muscle first before you will actually start burning fat👉🏻More muscle👉🏻Higher metabolism👉🏻Burning fat👉🏻Change happens!!

Now that is exactly what we want our bodies to do!

BUT what happens when that process goes on continuously..hour upon hour...day after day?!

These muscle fibers and in general your muscles need time to recover. If it does not recover you will not build lean muscle or get stronger. Your muscles will actually get weaker and smaller.

Remember = More muscle👉🏻Faster metabolism👉🏻Fat burn.

When over-training you get weaker,smaller muscles👉🏻Slow metabolism👉🏻Less fat burn = NO RESULTS!

Let’s list a few more causes of Over-Training:

•cause weak, over-used joints which will lead to injury!

•cause sleeplessness. Our cells, tissues and muscles are being repaired while we are sleeping. When we are sleep deprived this can’t happen. Sleep deprivation also leads to an increase in hunger. So you will be eating a lot more than what is needed for optimal weight loss.

•cause hormonal imbalances. When you Over-Train you put more “stress” on your body causing in to produce cortisol.

>According to Chris Kresser, who wrote in his article “why you may need to exercise less” state that a major effect of over-training on our bodies, is an increase 👆🏻in cortisol.

Cortisol plays a role in our fight or flight reflex. According to “todaysdietitian.com” cortisol floods the body with glucose, thus giving immediate energy. Which is needed when exercising. Too much cortisol = weight gain!

>When cortisol levels become too high for too long it affects insulin production. Which in turn RAISES ☝🏻insulin.

Insulin works to decrease 👇🏻blood sugar levels. It moves glucose out of the blood to cells where it is used as fuel. High levels of insulin prevents fat to be broken down for energy. = weigh gain

> leptin is the key hormone to regulating our energy system. It communicates with our brain to tell us how much fat we have in storage. It also controls our satiety-feeling /satisfied or full!

Kevin Cann - owner of Genetic potential nutrition - states that leptin and insulin communicate with each other and collectively work to control energy balances. As insulin levels rise 👆🏻 So will leptin levels 👆🏻 Thus, too much leptin causes a dysfunction in the leptin pathways. So the signal to tell us to stop eating or stop storing fat can not be heard.

Thus Over-Training leads to weight gain and increased hunger cravings!

Over-Training in general puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body- physically, mentally and emotionally which will lead to a lot more serious problems (digestive problems, depression, low immune)

Bottom line: You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, miles on the treadmill or attend class after class! You are wasting your time!

If you train the right way. Do the right exercises for YOUR body at the right pace! Changing up your workout routine every now and then so you don’t hit a plateau and taking those REST DAYS. Fueling YOUR body with the necessary healthy and nutritious foods...there will be NO need to push your body into a state of over-training to get the desired results!!


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