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Cardio OR weight training? And which is better for weight loss?

Updated: May 30

Cardio makes you smaller

Weights/ resistance changes your shape

Take a moment to think about that!

From my own experience in the fitness industry, I’ve noticed women tend to stick to doing cardio.

Although cardio is great for wanting to slim down and work on your cardiovascular fitness. We need weight training to build lean muscle.

Doing only cardio will definitely help you loose weight BUT where are you loosing the weight??

Think about that question again! Where are you losing the weight?

Although we wish we could slim down in certain parts of our bodies, cardio on the other hand has a mind of its own. It chooses where you loose weight and what you loose...That’s right...cardio alone will not only make you loose fat but can make you loose muscle as well.

REMEMBER THIS 👉🏻 FAT is not a bad word!!! It is all over our body and very necessary in certain parts of our bodies! It helps protect our organs. Going on a cardio binge will maybe make you smaller. But are you loosing the right fat.

Please note: I am not saying cardio is bad!! I LOVE running, cycling or aerobics just as much as doing weight training!!

And my main message from this blog is not only about losing weight. Healthy is about much more than just loosing weight and “healthy” looks very different on every person!!

My aim is to provide you with all the information out there, as I, personally, experienced it as a group fitness trainer, so you can make better choices for yourself!

As I stated women tend to stick to cardio. We “BELIEVE” weights will make us bigger and we’ll end up looking like men!!

Today I want you to get that picture out of your head!! WEIGHTS WILL NOT MAKE YOU BIGGER!! If that’s the only thing you take from this blog...Then I am ecstatic.

Firstly, women don’t have enough testosterone to build big muscles.

Jacque Crockford, CSCS, spokesperson for the American Council on exercise, says that lifting weights doesn’t only affect your muscle tissue, but your metabolism gets a boost!

Weight training DOES build muscle- long lean muscle. Not big and bulky. She says lifting weights can increase your lean body mass, which increases the number off overall calories you burn during the day.

Therefore building lean muscle increases your metabolism which helps you burn fat.

You might burn more calories during a cardio workout but you burn calories up to 24 hours after doing weight training, as stated by SWEAT owner and trainer, Kayla Itsines!

In conclusion: Which is better?

NEITHER! Why not do both!! Combining cardio and weights in one workout OR doing a cardio workout one day and a weight training workout on another day!!

Implementing a regular training program which helps you achieve weight loss and strengthen your muscles. Together this helps you create definition and muscle tone.

Combining these workouts also ensures you don’t get bored of your workouts!

Lastly ladies, living a healthy lifestyle also include your eating habits and lifestyle factors not only your workouts. All of these contribute to your weight loss goals!!


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