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Founder & Owner

Hi lovely lady!

My name is Renché! I am currently 27 years old and I am married to my all time favorite human being. We live in Potchefstroom with our two fur babies!

I don't have an very interesting or dramatic story about why I became a personal trainer. To me, exercising has always been a part of my life. Whether it was in the form of athletics, hockey, swimming or gym workouts. I am, and always have been, passionate about health and fitness. My personal training programs involves anything from group fitness classes to HIIT and functional training. I also still enjoy swimming and running very much. I have recently started swimming again & I am beyond excited for the the future and all the adventures ahead. 

I am a firm believer that fitness can and should be fun. Anything and everything you decide to do in life should be sustainable in my opinion. As I don't see the point in doing things an putting in effort, time and money into things that won't last.

And if you don't enjoy what you are doing - there is no chance that you will stick with it in the long run. So that's the reason you will often see in my posts on social media that I use the hashtag #fitnesscanbefun. I want to remind you and every women out there that it can be and should be. That is also the reason why I have hosted three workout events since September 2019, right here in Potchefstroom.

My personal training method is built around the unique abilities and goals of each one of my clients, with the aim of not only transforming bodies, but also enriching lifestyles.

I honestly believe that you can change your entire life - simply through your fitness journey. And that is why I want to help women from all walks of life to become the best, happiest & healthiest version of themselves - through their own individualized fitness journey!

FIT BEST Ambassadors

We have searched far and wide for two ladies to represent our brand. One between the ages of 18 and 24. And one who is 25 years or older. We were looking for two ladies who love to stay active  and inspire others to do so as well. We were overwhelmed by the amount of entries we have received - but in the end we could only choose 2 winners!

These two phenomenal ladies will represent FIT BEST Training until June 2020! So watch this space & don't forget to give them a follow, for all things #fitspo - once they are announced!


FIT BEST Ambassador

19 years old 

Student • Freelance Photographer

- Potchefstroom, North West -


"With consistency anything can be done. Change small things in your everyday live now, so that they can make a bigger impact in the future."


FIT BEST Ambassador

25 years old 

Wife • Business Owner • Fit Foodie

- Pofadder, Northern Cape - 


 "It doesn't matter where you are, or who you are - if you set your mind to something - you can do it!."

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