Since Covid-19 struck South Africa, life as we knew it has changed quite drastically.

And since our vision with FIT BEST Training is to help women from all walks of life to become the best version of themselves - through their own fitness journeys - we have worked extra hard to take our service up another notch and expand our existing Online Training Services!

As from 1 April 2020 - We are hosting LIVE workout  sessions ever Monday,

Wednesday & Friday

at 08:00 am!

Our #teamfitbest members now have the opportunity to train with Renché & Nadine in the comfort of their own homes - via a virtual platform!

Mondays & Wednesdays - Bodyweight Workouts

Fridays - Equipment Workouts - we will help you on ideas to substitution equipment: ie. filled water bottles if you don't have weights.

So, what makes this better than a general program?

With this new feature we train with you, like we would have during a normal group fitness class. Studies have shown that people are more likely to complete a workout and put in optimal effort, when they have someone to workout with them. And this exactly what we want to optimise! Not only will we see you and you see us - you will also see the rest of the participants who joined the session! This way we can give you the closest experience similar to a group fitness class - like you'd usually get at a gym.

"Okay cool, but what if I don't want others to see me?"

We have got you girl! This is completely up to you! When you join our sessions, you get to choose if you'd like to switch on your camera or not. We do however prefer that you do switch on the video - as this will enable us to assist where needed with posture corrections,etc.

How much does it cost?

R400pp per month (Closed Facebook Group & ZOOM access)

R100pp per week (WhatsApp Group & ZOOM access)

@Fitness Health Club Members get FREE access! (Whatsapp Group & ZOOM Access)

**At this stage we are not sure how long we'll be offering this service - the idea behind it was only for the lockdown period. But since the interest remained post lockdown, we decided to keep this service running! Rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop when we decide to stop!

 But wait, there is more for the people who sign up for the full month! 

As if the live workouts ain't enough - you will also be added to a Closed Facebook Group. Only monthly paying members will have access to the closed group. After every live session - the workout will be posted onto the closed group. So if you missed the workout at 8am due to work, family life or whatever the reason might be - you'd still be able to do the workout and train with us!

This way you will also have access to an ever growing online workout library - how cool is that?

How do I Sign Up?

Simply place your order right here!

**After you have placed your order & we have received your payment, you will receive a PDF document with further instructions on how to set up for your first LIVE workout with us!

JUNE: LIVE Workout Sessions (Pay per Month)


LIVE Workout Sessions (Pay per Week)


Stay Active at Home!

If three weekly workouts ain't enough for you! Why don't you sign up for 2 more? Patricia Blazquez recently started Simply Pilates - her own online Pilates studio.

When & Where?

Every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 08:00am on ZOOM!

How much does it cost?

R250pp per month

 But wait, there is more! 

If you want to join pilates classes, but the times above won't suit you - simply contact Pati and find out about her other class time slots!

How do I Sign Up?

Simply pop a WhatsApp to Patricia on 082 715 0641 or an email to

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